Thursday, August 16, 2012

Texas Persimmons + Tunas

I harvested Texas persimmons and prickly pear fruits this past weekend in Hondo, Texas. Looks like it's time for a (prickly pear) margarita party. My Mexican limes are just about ripe and ready on my tree as well - perfect timing! I'll probably just pulp the persimmons in my hand-cranked food mill and use the pulp as a spread on toast, biscuits and crackers.

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  1. I am incredibly excited to have found your blog! I first found your old blog today and then this one. Great info here for those of us looking to take advantage of the many wild edibles available in Texas. Growing up I learned from my Dad about making jelly from the prickly pear-apples and have done that but have never ventured to do much else. Now I am going to do more!