Monday, October 18, 2021

Spicebush (My Blog Still Exists?!)

 Lindera benzoin

Wow, blogger still exists! I LOVE that I can still post on my BLOG. (Is blogging still a thing?!) I'm alive and well! Gardening, foraging, herbcrafting, and hanging with the plants. My littles (sometimes featured on this blog) are now 12 and 15! 

I was lucky to spend time with some beautiful plant-friends in a collapsed grotto near the Pedernales River this past weekend. Helloooo Spicebush and Maidenhair fern! SO GRATEFUL for our precious Hill Country and all it has to offer. Thanks to Ginger Webb and her Sacred Journey School for calling me out of my introvert-Hill Country-Luddite-life and back into a community of plant people.