Amy leads a wild edible plant walk in Austin, Texas

My first foraging adventures included collecting pecans and chile pequins with my grandparents on their land in South Texas brush country. I grew up fishing, gardening, cooking and spending lots of time outdoors with my family. In college, I studied environmental issues and agriculture and realized that one of the most radical things I could do was get to know the ecology of the place I called home. I decided to learn everything I could about the wild edible and medicinal plants of Texas. I took several weedfeeds offered by the Useful Wild Plants of Texas in the 1990s. Since then, I have been teaching others about wild edible plants, tending all sorts of yummy things in my gardens and working with medicinal herbs. I currently live on a small farm in the Texas Hill County and enjoy sharing the joys of foraging, herbalism and organic gardening with my family and community.  I hold certifications in permaculture, herbalism, holistic resource managment, and biointensive farming though my best teacher has always been the land.

* I started a blog about my wild plant adventures in 2010. The old version exists here. I switched to blogger in 2012 and have recently circled back to this site. My path has also included micro-farming @ Blue Bramble Farm. Thanks for checking out my sites and reaching out. They are not fancy, polished websites but I hope they convey how passionate I am about stewarding the land and teaching people about plants. Stay tuned for a new website coming soon!

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